Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Tales of Enberlot
Olafur of Seven Rivers

If never have you heard of the land of Arquay, stretching from the cold north, along the steep western shores that look out upon the O'Sephron Sea; or of the great city of Winsmore with it’s towers reaching to the heavens; or of The Ghost of Mt. Neveront that spills a hundred miles westward across the rain-laden plains; or of the green lands of Nebreace that roll down to the south passage, where one can see across the grand ribbon of ocean to the kingless island of Fisk, and where the seven great rivers meet and run into the sea; if never have you heard of the land of Mourniff that likewise runs from the south passage along the eastern ocean of Atleas; or of the vast Fields of Alkri that stretch far beyond sight, between hedged roads; or of the shining city of Valtice, where proud, learned men live in white palaces and read in grand halls; or of the legends of the Nordumn, ever-hidden in the deep forests by their unknown arts; or of the great gate of Amuli, where the giants of old went to their final rest in the mountain; or of Eversun Gap, the golden valley that lay between the kingdoms of Arquay and Mourniff, then never have you heard of Enberlot.
Of course it is very likely that it has become a part of many bedtime stories told to countless children. It is probably the ancestor of fairy tales that have been told for ages upon ages, as you will see, should you care to learn about Enberlot. What ever became of that great land no one knows; or where it it once lay none are now certain; or even if it is there still, hidden by some ever-present haze or lingering cloud—none can say. Perhaps it has long since been found and is now known by some another name altogether. But such things are not told in this book. Here is written one of the many Tales of Enberlot. And it is in the kingdom of Arquay—particularly the south of Arquay—that our story is concerned. And so in the thirty-third year of His Majesty the King, in the spring of the seven hundred and tenth year of the Second Reign, upon the waves of the angry O'Sephron Sea, our story begins...

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